I have been fascinated by art and its many various forms since childhood. My family laid the early foundations of development and influence, as well as my studies in the areas of photography, internal decoration and jewels design.

The procedure of learning has always been a constant element in my life and my personal evolution both as a person and as a professional.

I always aspire to discover new techniques and new forms of expression. During my career path I have experimented with different elements and patterns, such as wax, lace, shells, minerals and any other material that captured and stimulated my interest.

Balancing between the traditional approach and my personal feeling, using art, craft & design.
I create each time a unique jewel, that reflects the uniqueness of personality and aims to highlight the individuality of the person who wears them.

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches all inspired by nature and artifacts from the Greek culture and history, make me feel that the past and the present can be combined in perfect harmony.

I feel very lucky to have been born in this wonderful country that always offers a constant feedback and inspiration for reaching new destinations towards evolving my art!